It all Started at the Sea

The family living in Bozcaada (Tenedos), is the sixth generation here. The story started with the waves of the Aegean Sea. Grand grand grand father Captain Ahmet from the mother side of the family, stepped on Bozcaada (Tenedos) when his boat had trouble while he was doing business on the coasts of the Agean Sea many years ago. He has found the love of his life, on this very island and decided to stay. After decades of doing grape farming, vine making and running olive fields, at 2003 the family returns to its roots, the sea! And what a return it is!

With Guverte*, where you can find and enjoy the finest of what the Aegean has to offer for your culinary taste, a new age has begun in the history of both the family and the island.

At Guverte, Friendship is old and The Meals are fresh

Every dish served at Guverte is prepared daily. All the tapas and main courses prepared by Anna's skillfull hands contains vegetables, fruits and and olive oil as ingredients that are grown organically in our own land at the island. These natural wonders of the land are what's being consumed by our guests daily.

Our main principle is simple: With dedicated effort and tedious labor only, good food comes. For example, we wake up before dawn everyday to collect the squash flowers which are the main ingredient of the famous and delicious "Stuffed Squash Flowers" dish. They can only be collected before down as the flowers closes themselves as soon as they see the sunlight and become unusable for this wonderful olive oil dish. This is how every item in our menu is prepared and mixed with the taste of these dedicated efforts.

When it comes to fish, you need to wish good luck for catching a "......" in the morning to our staff. Fill the dotted part with the name of your favorite Aegeaan fish name. Because our fish menu is consist of only the fish caught on that particular day.

Of course in your wonderful quest to the tastes of the Aegean, the wines of the island accompanies your preferred dishes.